The Zoo and the Zlín-Lešná Chateau

The Zoo and the Zlín-Lešná Chateau

The Zlín Zoological Garden is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Moravia. The area of the zoo is located in the historic Lešná Park. 200 years have passed since its foundation, exotic animals have been bred here for as many as 75 years.


ZOO a zámek Zlín-Lešná
Lukovská 112
763 14 Zlín


telefon: +420 577 577 101
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V celém areálu jsou schůdné a řádně vyznačené cesty pro hendikepované občany. Bezbariérový přístup je zajištěn do všech pavilónů a také do zámku Lešná (pomocí speciální plošiny). Pro hendikepované návštěvníky jsou přizpůsobeny i toalety.
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Zoologická zahrada / zoopark



The Zlín Zoological Garden is situated only 4 km from Zlín in the direction of Holešov.


The present-day zoo offers a unique collection of 210 species of animals, which other zoos will not offer. The division of the area according to individual continents is an originality. Mammals and birds live in joint natural expositions or neighbouring animal-runways, which imitate the original home as faithfully as possible.
Africa is brought nearer to you through the pavilion of elephants, the pavilion of African hoofed animals with giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras, ostriches, a new exposition of lions (the biggest one in Czech zoos), a pen of African antelopes or walk-through exposition of the Island of lemurs (Lemur catta).

Asia is introduced by natural pens of Siberian tigers and Asiatic black bears, a pond of gibbons, the exposition Asian steppe with camels, Asian antelopes, vultures, rowans and a walk-through Asian aviary.
In Australia the visitors will be shown between Macropus rufogrisens (kangaroo) and emu runners, they can also see cassowaries, black swans and a number of Australian birds.

In South America, the unique Amazonia awaits visitors with common squirrel monkeys, a walk-through aviary for large parrots macaws and a walk-through exposition with South-American birds and alligators, then also anteaters, llamas alpacas and vicuñas, tapirs, capybaras, South American sea lions and Humboldt penguins. The new tropical hall Yucatan has been open in this area since autumn 2006, which introduces the fauna and flora and the Mayan civilization of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The area of the zoo is completed with numerous small lakes, little ponds, fountains in the expositions of animals. The big aviaries and walk-through expositions provide extraordinary experiences.

Interviews with the zoo keeper in the high season (from May to September) offer interesting facts from the life of animals. They take place at the same time with feeding and visitors can thus watch the animals at a closer distance. Individual stands follow each other in a set time sequence.

The Lešná Chateau is a unique complement to the zoological garden. It was built at the end of the 19th century by the Seilerns, an Austrian aristocratic family. The Lešná Chateau will surprise visitors especially by the rich woodcutting decoration of the interiors with vast collections of Oriental artefacts, paintings, and pottery. It is also sought after due to the possibility of holding wedding ceremonies that take place in the Hall of Predecessors. The chateau is surrounded by a lovely historic park, where more than 1,140 species and varieties of plants grow. It offers not only a walk under the crowns of hundred-year-old trees but also sitting in romantic retreats.

The stay in the Zlín Zoo will be made more pleasant by four stylish roofed restaurants. There is a big amusement corner, inflatable castle for jumping, chutes and seesaws. You can also take a ride on a small train or a ride on a pony or a camel or you can visit a big souvenir shop. A number of cultural events take place during the whole year.

There are large car parks for personal motor cars and buses at both entrances to the zoo.