Slovanské hradiště v Mikulčicích

Slovanské hradiště v Mikulčicích


Slovanské hradiště v Mikulčicích
Mikulčice - Valy
696 19 Mikulčice


telefon: 518 357 293

Valy in Mikulčice, a significant place of the Great Moravian Empire, has become the largest archaeological finding place in the Czech Republic thanks to the ongoing research. Since 1954, over 2500 graves were uncovered, which were situated in the vicinity of twelve stone churches from the 9th century. Thousands of items of everyday use, ceramics, jewels and weapons were found as well as ten-meter-long oak boats, which were miraculously preserved for eleven centuries below a three-meter layer of ever-wet soil.

Another early medieval burial place was found in the opposite side of Mikulčice.

In the Memorial, which has been administered by the Masaryk Museum in Hodonín since 1987, everybody can listen to a guide explanation. Its two buildings with exhibited findings are open from April.