Valtice State Chateau

Valtice State Chateau


Státní zámek Valtice
Zámek 1
691 42 Valtice


telefon: +420 778 743 754
The chateau is considered one of the foremost examples of Baroque architecture in the Czech Republic.

Its current appearance is the result of many rearrangements, worked on by a number of important architects, sculptors and painters. Originally the borderline gothic castle was rebuilt in the 16th century into the Renaissance residence of a fortress nature. By its further conversion in the 17th century a closed rectangular layout was built with a courtyard of honour. Two major sculptures on the edge of the terrace portray the ancient hero Hercules, accompanied by the three-head dog Kerberos. At the end of the eighteenth century the building of a chateau theatre was built, the importance of which was comparable with the Imperial Theatre in Vienna. You can see period interiors at the chateau, which - together with the park and parish church - serve every year as a Baroque concerts venue. In the chateau a wine shop is open; in the cellars you can find the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, which exposes one hundred best wines from all Czech and Moravian wine regions.

In the immediate vicinity of the chateau a Baroque garden was gradually built since the twenties of the 18th century. One of the engravings of 1720 shows park designs in the spirit of the French gardens of the period of Louis XIV with the strict geometry of the flowerbeds. But in the 19th century it was changed into the English style park, of which only a portion remained until today in the immediate vicinity of the chateau; its area is approximately 18 hectares. Of garden sculptures only fragments of the original decoration are preserved. There are records of ninety species of trees and shrubs in the park. Later on the park design was continuously linked to the vast complex of the Boří les forest, which was planted from 1660 on drift sands between Valtice and Břeclav at the behest of Karl Eusebius.

Opening hours

June–August: Tue–Sun 9:00–18:00
May, September: Tue–Sun 9:00–17:00
April, October: Sat, Sun 9:00–16:00
Last tour starts 60 min. before closing time.

Entrance fee

full: 90 CZK, discount: 60 CZK
tour in a foreign language: full 140 CZK, discount 110 CZK