Janohrad (Jan´s Castle)

Janohrad (Jan´s Castle)


Janův hrad
691 44 Lednice


telefon: +420 519 355 134, +420 724 663 509
fax: +420 519 355 134

Jan´s Castle (also called Janohrad) was built between 1805–1811 by Josef Hardtmuth as the romantic imitation of a medieval castle. It was supposed to serve to Prince Johann I of Liechtenstein as a hunting lodge. In the ground floors of the building kennels for dogs and stables for riding horses were therefore built; on the first floor there was a large hall where ceremonial feasts were taking place at the end of hunting sessions in the surrounding floodplain forests. Today’s Janohrad is a popular target of hiking visitors and tourists on bicycles, and a starting point of the Lužní les floodplain forest nature trail. The premises of Janohrad have been also used for wedding ceremonies.

Opening hours

April, October: Sat, Sun 9:00–16:15
May–September: Tue–Sun 9:00–16:15

Entrance fee

full: 30 CZK
discount: 15 CZK