Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter


Židovská čtvrť
Synagoga, Husova 1
692 01 Mikulov


telefon: +420 519 510 291

The Jewish community significantly influenced the life and development of the town of Mikulov from the 15th century. The Quarter was formed by 317 houses cramped in narrow winding streets below the Castle. A Talmud school used to stand there, with many scholars and rabbis. In their heyday, there were 3500 Jews living in Mikulov, they had 12 synagogues and chapels, only a fewer less than in Prague. Only the Upper Synagogue was preserved and nowadays it serves as an exhibition and concert hall. In the second half of the 16th century, the legendary rabbi Judah Yehuda Loew ben Bezalel, the alleged creator of the Golem of Prague, lived there.

The Jewish cemetery of Mikulov ranks among the biggest and oldest Jewish graveyards in our country. The oldest of the 4000 preserved gravestones comes from 1605, but the cemetery is older. The so-called Rabbis’ Hill is the final resting place of learned rabbis, and many Jews from around the world are still coming to honour them.