Wine Salon of the Czech Republic

Wine Salon of the Czech Republic

The Wine Salon of the Czech Republic is the most prestigious wine competition in the CR; each year one hundred best wines come from it. These wines can be seen and tasted in the wine-tasting exhibition of the National Wine Centre in the basement of the Valtice chateau.


Salon vín České republiky - stálá degustační expozice
Zámek 1
691 42 Valtice


telefon: +420 519 352 744

The exposition of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, placed in the underground of the Valtice chateau, is linked to the above competition, which covers the system of nomination contests and each year selects a representative national collection of the best hundred wines. The selected wines acquire the right to label the bottles with the title “Wine Salon of the Czech Republic”. Every wine has its own presentation box containing all the data; an extensive catalogue is also published each year with complete information on all the wines of the current year and other interesting facts. The visitors can see the tasting exposition individually or choose one of the tasting programs: free tasting, where they can freely enjoy testing of almost all samples from the Salon collection, or one of the guided, sommelier-led tasting.

Opening hours

March–May, October–January: Tue–Thur 9:30–17:00, Fri–Sat 10:30–18:00
June–September: Tue–Thur 9:30–17:00, Fri–Sat 10:30–18:00, Sun 10:30–17:00